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a story in Pithead Chapel

Makeup, morals, and men… in the Kingdom.  Check out “Women Wear for Love,” a short piece now out in Pithead Chapel (Vol 5, Issue 7).  Here’s a teaser! It’s twilight in the parking lot of the Al-Ghosaibi Mall, and in the back of her father’s car, my cousin is making me a woman.  Tonight is our last training with you.…

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a story in Newfound Journal

Washing machines, watching men, and a washroom…? Check out “The Way Things Works Around Here,” now available under fiction in Newfound Journal’s current Winter issue. Here’s a little excerpt: For weeks afterward, we tuned ourselves to the television sets for news of the fat white man, but none came. We knew the airport, and indeed, our island, could not afford…

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a chat with miriam cohen in CARVE magazine

Hey, check it out!  I did an author interview for the fabulous CARVE Magazine.  In the Winter 2017 edition, I chat with the lovely Miriam Cohen about her MFA life, the strange contest prizes she’s won in another life, and the charming narrator of her latest short story, “Show & Tell.” You can buy the Premium edition of CARVE for just $12…

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cities of belonging: a calvino tribute

Of the many who seek Trilagos, only the mid-life traveler knows she is doing so. By the time she sets out, its name will have brushed across the tail end of her dreams for the better part of forty years, until the morning she awoke and plucked it from the ether.  Finally, she has something: a name, a city-state, an idea. It…

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i’ll keep you warm

My best friend, in Europe for the first time, wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses at Chanel.  We’d have four short days in Paris, a city she had always dreamed of visiting and, arguably, the very Mecca of fashion. Forget the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame: we had a mission. The very first morning, Google informed us that…

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you still have to go under

In October 2012, six months before we would decide to place our daughter in a therapeutic boarding school, my husband and I took both kids to Oman. Make sure you go diving, my sister had urged; the dive sites in Oman are world-class. My fear of the ocean, I’d told her, is world-class. It wasn’t our first conversation about it.  My…

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freckled bananas

Excited to plan our first real family getaway after the move to Saudi, we decided to rent a lake cottage in Sri Lanka, a half-mile inland along the island’s southwestern coast. I found the place online, and made the reservations. Minutes after I booked, the owner called me herself. I was new to this expat thing; I didn’t expect the barrage of questions.…

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making peace with chaos

“You can’t still be going, what with all that stuff on the news lately.”  Cue uncomfortable pause on the line. “And isn’t Egypt kind of… ‘third world’?  I mean, why do you keep picking places like that?” Fast forward to the last afternoon of three November days in Cairo, with a quick morning trip to Alexandria squeezed in.  We’ve zipped through…

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the truman show

The clocks won’t keep time here.  Six little words that sum up life on the compound, actually. After a while, it starts to feel like an ongoing debate your house is having with… itself.   The cordless phone claims 3:20, but the stove clock counters with 3:26.  The microwave, diplomatically, suggests splitting the difference at 3:23, while the alarm clock maintains they’re all…

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