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the truman show: life on an oil compound

The clocks won’t keep time here.  Six little words that sum up life on the compound, actually. After a while, it starts to feel like an ongoing debate your house is having with… itself.   The cordless phone claims 3:20, but the stove clock counters with 3:26.  The microwave, diplomatically, suggests splitting the difference at 3:23, while the alarm clock maintains they’re all…

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rearranging (head)space

So far, willful engagement with the writing life feels much like rearranging furniture.  Every day, I shuffle my headspace around, trying to see what works.  What gets the words down in a first draft, and at a rate I’m satisfied with? What budges my inertia around revision, that awkward time when I’ve now learned what my story is truly about, but seem…

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a story in Newfound Journal

Washing machines, watching men, and a washroom…? Check out “The Way Things Works Around Here,” now available under fiction in Newfound Journal’s current Winter issue. Here’s a little excerpt: For weeks afterward, we tuned ourselves to the television sets for news of the fat white man, but none came. We knew the airport, and indeed, our island, could not afford…

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the other men in my life

Cap and I have taken to referring to life here on the compound as ‘our little alternate reality’. This is short for our shared awareness of getting on a plane a fortnight ago, expecting our wheels to set down in a new country… and somehow landing in a whole new universe. It looks, smells, and sounds like small-town Americana, it’s…

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